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Latest Events and Card Packs
Event Name Black Friday
Start Date 11/27/2013
End Date 12/4/2013
Banner img 2 en.png
Event Name Thanksgiving Limited Edition Cards
Start Date ???
End Date 12/1/2013
Banner img 4 en.png
Event Name New Gold Pack
Start Date ???
End Date ???
Banner img 11 en.png
Event Name Spirit Stones Facebook
Start Date ???
End Date ???
Banner img 12 en.png
Event Name Invitation Event
Start Date ???
End Date ???

Welcome to the Wiki for Spirit Stones, created by Gamevil. Anyone can edit and contribute!

Official Announcements

Dec. 05, 2013

Recent Bug Fix

Dear Spirit Stones players,

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Players who are unable to use the 1 free Devil's Castle entrance will be able to do so again
  • The issue of being unable to have the full amount of cards as shown in the UI will be resolved.
  • The issue of crashing when entering the Party window will be resolved.
  • Being unable to proceed to next quests will be resolved.

Thank you for your support!

Spirit Stones Team

Dec. 04, 2013

Wkly Ranking Resto...

Dear players,

The reward for last week's Weekly Battle Ranking, Swordsman's Envelope, was originally scheduled to be distributed by 12AM on Monday, 12/2 (PST).

However, it was delayed due to the recent maintenance.

The Weekly Ranking system will be properly restored early morning on 12/4, and the rewards will be distributed then.

Also, the RP was not updated on a daily basis since 11/27. The RP you have obtained since then has not been lost.

That amount will be reflected to the Weekly Ranking once the system is restored. The Weekly Ranking will be based on your performance from 11/25 - 12/3.

We apologize for the trouble.

Best regards, Spirit Stones Team

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